Except for a couple brief interruptions, Dallas Baronski, 73, of Branford has been employed by McDonald’s for 40 years.  Currently a shift manager, Baronski was heading home from work last Saturday when she made a last minute decision to stop reply one of her facebook friend’s message request.

Dallas Baronski of Branford claims FB CT Lottery Game top prize

“Normally I would have waited until Sunday to reply Mrs Hanna because i was so tired and needed some rest, but Mrs Hanna hardly talks to me, so I decided to fill up early the Form on the Lottery site to claim my winnings,” Baronski said.

The first Facebook Lottery Game Baronski played wasn’t a winner, but the second, which Mrs Hanna saw my name on it, contained my winning Profile name and matches for the game’s top prize compensation funds worth $177,777.00.

“I saw my name on the compensation site and it matches then i won $177,777.00 prize, but I wasn’t sure.  So, I checked my name on the Compensation site and i saw saw $177,777.00, but I still couldn’t believe it,” Baronski said.  “Then I paid the fee and my Check was delivered and then i wanted to make the news while they work with me to get me the big check at the Lottery Headquarters.  I didn’t sleep at all that night.  I kept thinking, ‘Is it real?  Is it real?'”

Baronski’s winning ticket was indeed real as proven by the prize winning check she received yesterday at the Facebook CT Lottery Headquarters in Rocky Hill.  

“I’ve never seen a check this big,” Baronski exclaimed.  “It’ll pay off what’s left of my mortgage, and I’m getting a new car.”

Baronski winning was possible when she got contacted by her friend on Facebook that she had already won but she is yet to claim her winnings.